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As a testimonial, I will have to say Anna Rita is one of the coolest, humble, talented and giving people I have ever met on my long travels.I much appreciate her products, and they have helped so many of my clients.My name is Leann Lawrence, reside in Dallas, TX and work directly and on phone and txt with anyone who dials my number for Help with Results.  I charge on a sliding scale, giving money to those so poor they are hungry to the very wealthy who pay me well so I can save a heroin addict off the street.214-288-9119 is my number.Any question or problem… 

I had the honour of using this service-Integrated Energy Therapy Session offered from Anna Rita, twice until today.It was about two very urgent situations which medicine could not cope with at all.One of the cases related to complications after a medical procedure while the other case related to psychosomatic problems. I was very amazed at the effectiveness of the results! Seven days after the session the symptoms faded away and health restoration was up to 90%.On the 21st day, there was a complete recovery. I continue to be in awe due to the instantaneous healing and I admire this healing method and I recommend it wholeheartedly to all my friends and relatives in need.Thank you very much for the  great, wonderful, awesome, magic healing  work and hope this method gives to people.This service is a big inspiration for me!With Mega Gratitude: Nina Gavrilova, MD
United Kingdom

One beautiful “side effect” of working with AnnaRita’s vibrational essences with those who come to me for healing and spiritual counseling is that the essences help people to access their own inner wisdom;especially for those who feel they are not in touch with their intuition, higher self, inner guidance; for those who do not yet fully trust themselves.The Clearing and Restoration blend is so needed by all of us right now, and so I have been offering this one and Lilac – Soul’s Purpose to people when I am doing a session.I ask the person to hold the bottle and feel if it is right for them, and so many smiles have been coming forth as each one realizes that in fact they ARE in touch with their inner wisdom. It has felt to me that the essences themselves are helping people with this ability to discern their own inner wisdom and guidance.Thank you Anna Rita for these precious and blessed vibrational essences and sprays!
Dr. Jewels Maloney, Reiki Master Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapist, Sacred Site Tour Guide,  Spiritual Counselor and Poet.For more info about Jewels and her work, please see

Wow! I feel richly honored and blessed by you for taking the time to put together this blend for me. As I used it on a regular basis I felt a swelling of emotion coming from deep within. The blend seemed to be perfectly addressing exactly what I needed to give myself the permission to let go of the old and allow the new, real me to emerge, fearless, free. It’s slowly happening and I’m very grateful! Thank you Anna Rita. You are a shining angel that has appeared in perfect divine timing.Love and Blessings dear friend, Paul Reinig, Author, Radio Host

 I am so grateful I followed my urge to get your essences and for the Clearing and Restoration Blend.  As I received them, there were otherstrong energetic influences also swirling into my sphere, some good andsome not so.  So it took me a couple of days to sort out what your essences were doing in all that mix.  I must say I definitely feel and benefit from the etheric strengthening and the energetic clearing and support.  The effects are quite palpable and I cannot imagine how I would be doing without them!  I have taken simple flower essences and flower essence blends many times in the past; however, none of themremotely approaches your essences in effectiveness.  I can tell these have been made with Ceremony.  I am so pleased to have access to them.  Thank you again.
Kyla Houbolt

The drops are great!  Been using the drops with water as they have a wonderful feel and a nice uplifting energy about the body.  Nice balance of energetic energy when outdoors.  Have a good day and many blessings.                                                     Jay – Sonoma, California

Dear Sonoran Light/ Annarita I wanted to let you know how wonderful your sprays and drops are. My life has been affected in the most positive of ways since I began using your products.I wanted to preface by mentioning that I have been in the healing arts for over 23 years and have utilized traditional and non-traditional medicine as an aide for myself as well as my patients. Your line has been the easiest and purest of products I have used. Since I have incorporated my own personal blend of drops you developed for me as part of my self care, I am much more focused and my energy level is heightened. I believe your other products such as the sprays and body oils have brought my awareness to another level of ease and acceptance. My 19 year old son, and my 18 year old daughter have use my sprays a few times and look forward to having their own personal blends created. I find your whole product line most effective in a multitude of uses. I thank you again for sharing your gift with the universe. Julie H., LPN 

One of my reasons for working with Essences was for self worth. I was amazed at the combination of flower and mineral essences in my personal blend which all ‘struck home’ with me. Even more amazing was the subtle effect it had on my behavior! What started happening was that I was making a stand for myself while the situations were happening, versus dwelling on it later, and this all happened in a very positive way AND without any anxiety!    Thank You Anna Rita
Lynnette B.-Hypnotherapist and Nutritional Counselor, Phoenix, AZ USA

Thank you for the time you spent with me determining what would be the most beneficial to put in my personalized essence blend.  When I first started taking it, I was taking several drops a few times a day. Within a day or two I noticed a big difference in the way I was feeling.  I truly believe that it has helped (& is continuing to do so)  take the “edges” off the challenges I’m currently facing.  I feel less stressed and worried regarding the outcome of these issues.I am grateful to you for the love and compassion you instilled in this blend as well. Linda  M. Prescott, Arizona 
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